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Navigating through our published entries from 2006 to 2022

By Hashim Pangaisala Ichichi Msusa

Malawi was already aware of phase two of the SADC framework for Agenda 2063 prior to the release of its 2063 blueprint. Diversification is assigned priority on the agenda for the years 2021–2050. The primary goal of this entry was to promote the above framework. Has Malawi begun addressing the SADC framework for Agenda 2063?

Life is essential to the SADC framework and Malawi’s own 2063 plan. It is important to protect life. Unfortunately, reckless driving on the roads of Malawi results in the loss of life. The negligence of road users ultimately brings misery to the mass as it affects innocent lives.

Never be arrogant on the roads. In the Noble Qur’an God Almighty forbids people including road users from being arrogant and imperious as He says, “Do not walk in a swank and arrogance in the face of the earth itself, surely, you will not be able to dig the earth and will not be able to match the height of the mountain.” (17:37)

However, in the interest of protecting life and as the heinous act of killing those who have albinism reappears, we want to remind our readers of what we said in an article we authored titled “People with Albinism: Why are They Slain?” The Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (Peace be upon Him), said: “People will witness such days that the killer will not know why he kills, nor the innocent why they are killed.” This was in response to the fact that we have not yet been given a clear response to the query “why they are slain.”

In addition to the term “arrogance,” which can also refer to conceit and self-importance, Malawi has to develop a culture of giving to those who are less fortunate. In Malawi, there are a lot of poor people. However, our nation’s success both now and in the future rests on the economic and educational empowerment of its people.

“Whoever eliminates a worldly grief (sufferings) from a human being, God Almighty would remove from him, one of the hardships of the Day of Judgment,” the Prophet of Islam Muhammad (Peace be upon him) taught the human race. This particular entry aimed to urge Malawians not to overlook the less fortunate in reaction to such prophetic sentiments.

One of our entries, “Malawi raise citizen campaign,” as well as the entry “Rebuilding potential of Malawians,” both of which focused on empowering the less fortunate, had as their ultimate goal instilling a spirit of supporting citizens so they can become independent. We may work to improve people’s lives by educating our citizens and helping them reach their greatest potential. In the Noble Qur’an, God Almighty states that “God does not change people’s conditions until they change what is in themselves.” (13:11).

People need to be well-informed if Malawi is to accomplish the aforementioned. Discover Islam, however, noticed Malawi’s declining reading culture. One important way for citizens to get informed is through reading. In light of this, one of our entries, titled “Make reading a culture again,” called for rekindling our reading culture.

We are reminded of Khalil ibn Ahmad, the founder of al-Arud (the study of Arabic prosody), who said, as it was recorded in the Premium Times, “Anything I read I wrote and memorized. I had gained from all I had memorized. Citizens, isn’t this the way to being informed? The journey, which began in 2006 and is still ongoing, is too long and too rich with insightful and instructive entries to fit them all in the space given. In the upcoming year 2023, make sure you follow us.