We play pool billiards sometimes for fun, and play ‘loser pays’, meaning whomever loses has to pay the fee for the table rental. Is this permissible?


One of our pious predecessors passed by people who were playing and said: I wish that time could be bought with money, then I would buy these people’s time! We do not want the youth to regard as forbidden the kinds of leisure and play that Allah Ta’ala has permitted them, but we wish that this would not be the thing which they are preoccupied night and day. Playing pool billiards in clubs is not permissible, not because the game itself is Haraam, rather because these clubs involve Haraam things such as gambling. As for playing this game in places where there is no evil things are present, there is nothing wrong with that but that is subject to conditions for example: 1- There should be no betting. 2- There should be no swearing, name-calling, mockery or hatred. 3- It should not lead to missing obligatory duties such as prayers (Salaah), seeking knowledge, and looking after one’s family.