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Encouragement Message Of Islam Conveyed To Malawian Society

By Hashim Msusa

Political participation is a way to fulfill one’s responsibility to society. Taking part in the political system or process such as voting in an election, holding a position is a duty. As the nation goes into fresh presidential election, what word of encouragement would Islam convey to Malawian society?

Voting is a social responsibility and in Islam is derived from the Qur’anic verse which states, “And (as for) the believers both men and women – they are friends and protectors of one another: they  (all) enjoin the doing of what is right and forbid the doing of what is wrong.” (9:71)

The injunction laid down in the above Qur’anic verse compels human beings for the progress of society. Hence, a person in an individual capacity is encouraged to take an active role in society rather than just a passive one. In taking an active role one may have registered to vote, verified in the voters roll, and expect to cast his or her vote on the election day.

Ordinarily, Islam encourages progress of society which can be achieved by enjoining the doing of right and forbidding the doing of wrong. It follows therefore that voting would help open doors of progress for our nation. It will create stability and that alone is the path of enjoining the right.

Stagnation that could be created by not giving mandate of powers for a particular government which can only be decided through voting  would potentially choke our nation. Therefore, Malawi as a nation should consider it seriously the encouragement being put forward.

As a nation we have no choice but  to take  a leaf from the above Qur’anic verse where God Almighty is urging us to be protectors to one another. Despite varying political choice we should be friends and enjoy the right thing. Voting in the forth fresh presidential election, accepting the outcome, is within the package of enjoining the right.

Inquistively, one may wonder why such an encouragement from Islam. It is because Islam is a practical system of life and it provides guidance for all walks of life individual, economic, moral, politics etc. Therefore, Islam balance between human bodily requirements, spirit, and reason.

Conclusively,  there must be again an expectation when people elect a government. Islam consider it as a psychological contract between the powers and the ruled. In it the ruled expect to be guided, protected, and treated fairly and with justice. Hence, the focus of leadership in Islam is on doing good.