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Islam encourages capacity building

By Hashim Msusa

Published in The Nation on Sunday

Malawi as a nation may have aspirations for ambitious development programs, having both foreign and native background. Unfortunately many may remain a distant dream due to capacity deficiencies. What is required of us in order to achieve such aspirations?

Sagely, the Noble Qur’an legislates, “Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of people until they change what is in themselves.” (13:11) What condition should Malawi prioritize to succeed in development aspirations? There could be a condition in us as a nation that needs to be addressed.

The above verse of the Qur’an meets its validity now as it was during moments of its revelation. Not only Malawi, but as the New African of June 2016 observes, “Capacity deficiencies remain a binding constraint to Africa’s economic and social transformation.”

Perhaps that answers, what we may consider for change. Not long ago, a member of Parliament made a sentiment on lack of capacity, “There is lack of capacity in the legal profession, because only a few firms are practicing, making it expensive to access legal services.”

In this discourse therefore, we can quickly learn that when capacity is less available it impacts the masses, it affects development endeavours. To the contrary, capacity building enables us to be ready to face the challenges and uncertainty.

As a kickoff, there is need to admit that we are in institutional deficit, preventing us to achieve our full development potential. As we read the above Qur’anic verse, we really need to reactivate our situation. We should be able to see the gaps and sustainably fill them for the future of our nation.

However before we proceed, and as ‘interjection does in the language’ capacity building require God- fearing as enabler. Fearing God plays greater role to influence resources to be dynamic and capable for capacity building.

The presence of God-fearing is not just an enabler, but as moderator to sustain distinctive resources, capabilities etc. Allah says in the Noble Qur’ an, “And whoever fears Allah He will make for him a way out and will provide for him from where he does not expect.” (65:1-2)

We should aspire to be a truly God-fearing nation, with people, politicians, institutions, organizations, industries and companies and the list gies on all fearing God, in order to be given a way out,  mainly advancing in capacity building in all relevant fields of importance..

Could there be a root more sustainable and reliable than maximizing people’s potential, making them reliable human capital in order to contribute to development? Conclusively, we may not realize our dreams if we do not change our deficiencies. Greater of it all enhancing our capacity and potential.

Coincidentally, this column featured something similar in March 2015, titled ‘Rebuilding Malawi Potential Project’. It observed, “Rebuilding Malawi potential project is a wake-up call to all Malawians in areas of trade, architecture, farming, education to translate the existing potential of Malawians to maximum value.” This is just a reminder as the Noble Qur’an says, “And remind, for indeed, the reminder benefits the believers.” (51:55