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Prayer and Supplication

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I have heard about Salaatul-Hajah.What is this prayer all about?

Salaatul-Hajah is a prayer offered for the accomplishment of a particular purpose. It is a two Rakah prayer, that states what one wishes to be accomplished with Allah’s help.

What are the Sunnahs of fasting which we ought to follow or observe as we are fasting?

There are many Sunnahs of fasting, including the following:

(1) It is Sunnah if someone insults you to respond in a better manner and say. “I am fasting,”

(2) It is Sunnah for the fasting person to eat Suhoor.

(3)- It is Sunnah to delay Suhoor.

(4)- It is Sunnah to hasten to break the fast

(5) It is Sunnah to attend Taraweeh prayers.

If I start fasting in my country, then travel during Ramadhaan to another country where the month started a day later should I fast with them?

If a person travels from one country where he started fasting at the beginning of the month, to another country where Eid-ul-Fitr comes later, then he should continue fasting and should not break the fast until they do. Thus you will pray Eid with them.

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We observe that there is negligency or perhaps as a result of ignorance of not offering Tahiyyatul-Masjid (Salutation Prayer upon arriving in the Masjid) What is your advice? In addition when are we allowed to leave it out?

Salutation prayer (Tahiyyatul-Masjid) is a Sunnah of two Rakaats done upon entering the Masjid. It cannot  be  done  if the  the obligatory prayer is in progress or it is time when prayer is forbidden.

Before giving a direct response to the question, we would like first to state that taking Suhoor or the pre-dawn meal during the blessed month of Ramadhaan is a recommended act.Thus, try your best to wake up for Suhoor in order for you to be able to fast during the day without facing extreme hunger or thirst. With the above in mind, we can say that millions of Muslims may miss their Suhoor and they may be faced with a situation similar to yours, but they continue fasting. Hence, try your best to continue fasting and allow not the accursed Shaytaan or your Nafs weaken your will or overwhelm you.

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If a person misses Fajr prayer in congregation because he was asleep or for some other reason, when should he offer the two Rakaats of Sunnah prayer, is it before or after Fajr?

If a person misses Fajr prayer in congregation and did not catch up with it, then he should start with the Sunnah prayer and then pray Fajr.

I am a new convert to Islam. What advice would you give me to get used to Ramadhaan fasting?

First point is that, do not consider fasting as a difficult task. Second point, get up early before Fajr and have a fairly good Suhoor to your liking with enough liquid content. Third point, during fasting there is no problem at all in doing your work, under the normal circumstances. Doing work helps you not to feel the tiredness of fasting. Fourth point, when your mind is free, do Zikr (remembrance of Allah). Fifth point and most important; keep praying to Allah Ta’ala to give you strength of mind and body.

If I get my period during the day while fasting, do I have to make up that day even if it was just about sunset?

Yes, you need to make up for that day. You should continue this day as fasting but it won’t be counted as a valid day of fast.