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Superiority Feelings Harmful To Malawi 2063.

Malawi2063 (MW2063) has begun its journey and achieving its objectives would necessitate collaboration. Unity, rather than discrimination or superiority claims, drives development. Ending corruption, for example, necessitates concerted efforts, and no one sector of society is in a better position than others.

The stress on unity in this essay is deliberate because communities and societies must keep up with Malawi2063 aspirations in order to achieve progress, prosperity, and stability. In this regard, we should foster a sense of oneness in all aspects of our national existence.

As a result, claiming superiority as the elephant in the Malawi population will go against Malawi2063’s aspirations of inclusion and shared prosperity. It is the entire population that matters, not ethnic or religious minorities.

To be more specific, all Malawians and residents must work together to achieve the Malawi2063 goals. No single group in society is more important in the fight against corruption and other regressive vices. Let us march as a nation, preaching a common message and respecting everyone, regardless of tribe, location, or religion.

Unity is a relationship of cohesiveness and collaboration among people, according to Islam. The partnership is built on the divine vice-regency vision’s ideals. This vision emphasizes the importance of man’s rights and dignity, as well as his place in the universe. Everything in the universe is at man’s disposal. This is necessary in order to fulfill the grand purpose for which he was formed, namely, worship.

The aspirant for unity has to realize that diversity in all its aspects is God Almighty’s creation. The owner of creation, Lord Almighty speaks in the Noble Qur’an, “ O Mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous. (49:13)

Taking into account people’s differences and diversity, the success of unity must be based on a consistent, specific basis; that will boost acquaintance, cooperation, and awareness of the rights and performance of duties. Clearly, unity is the real guarantee for coexistence and harmonization.

The nation’s ability to achieve Malawi2063 goals depends on a strong sense of oneness. The nation benefits from unity. When people come together, they can work to eliminate vices like corruption.

Finally, rather than expressing superiority over others, politicians, faith leaders, academics, and traditional authorities should promote the concept of oneness.