I am a young Muslim man who believes. But sometimes I feel too lazy to pray. I am looking for a solution and a way to make me not be so lazy. Please note that this is what I want but the tricks of the Shaytaan are too strong?


If a person truly believes in Allah, His Messengers and His Books, and believes that prayer is obligatory and is the greatest pillar of Islam after the Shahaadatayn, we cannot imagine that he would neglect to pray or be careless in performing the prayers. Rather he would never feel at ease unless he performs this important ritual regularly. Hence the way to make you pray more regularly may be summed up as follows: 1 – You should believe firmly that prayer is obligatory. 2 – You should understand that delaying prayer beyond the time when it is due is a major sin. 3 – You should strive to offer the prayers in congregation in the Masjid. 4 – You should choose good friends who are keen to pray and pay attention to that, and keep away from those who are the opposite. 6 – You should read about the virtue of prayer, and the sin of those who are careless or too lazy to pray.