Despite ongoing anti-corruption initiatives by governments, bribery remains prevalent. Islam strictly prohibits both the giving and taking of bribes. However, when faced with a situation where obtaining one’s rights seems contingent upon bribery, what guidance does Islam offer on navigating such ethical dilemmas?


As emphasized in the Qur’an: And do not consume one another’s wealth unjustly (2:188), taking a bribe constitutes a grave transgression, akin to wrongfully devouring people’s wealth. Islam unequivocally forbids Muslims from engaging in bribery, which encompasses offering any form of property to sway a decision or gain an unfair advantage. Instead of succumbing to bribery, it is imperative to diligently seek alternative avenues to address grievances, even if it requires exercising patience in the face of adversity. By upholding principles of integrity and righteousness, we can steer clear of the perilous quagmire of corruption.