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What Malawi has benefited out of it

In Islam Ramadan is the most important month. This is a month with a tremendous gift from God Almighty. Although the world is overwhelmed with the message of avaricious self-indulgent culture, Ramadan we see it departing brought the message of enormous and glorious benefit. What message has Ramadan delivered to those who observed the fast and Malawi as a country?

Malawi as a nation should know that Ramadan was here to liberate its people. It was here to urge us to take a break from self-indulgent life, and strengthen our relationship with God Almighty. A nation that relates itself to God Almighty excels in its endeavors greatly. In our situation of being depressed, Ramadan uplifted us, empowered us on an individual level and collectively.

The most important message of Ramadan is that we are not just bodies. We are body and soul. During Ramadan which is about to exit Muslims deprived their bodies for their souls to be uplifted. These are the people graduating from the month-long fasting making them good people much needed in any country. These are the people who have achieved the benefits of forgiving, resource sharing, and practical training to understand the pangs of hunger among the list.

Some people continuously experience hunger. Ramadan brought the message that taught how it feels to live with an empty stomach. The delight of those who participated in fasting as they break in the evening is the enjoyment the hungry people longing for. Unfortunately, they long for it almost every day. Graduating students are always told to create jobs and employ others using their gained skills and knowledge. So to those observed fasting in Ramadan apply the experience to make Malawi an inclusive and receptive nation.

As a nation, we can progress if we forgive each other. Long outstanding misunderstandings should always be sorted out. This in part is the message which Ramadan brought. It brought the message to inculcate us the model of sharing which could alleviate entrenched poverty. More importantly, some people who participated in this one-month training are here in Malawi. In other words, the nation has benefited and should yearn to see the fruits.

In contrast, self-indulgent culture does not produce good people. It does not create room for others to enjoy life. It says the body is everything. That the materialistic world is all that counts. Self-indulgent culture produces corrupt people. Its message produces an endless appetite leading to endless exploitation. Our daily papers report on corrupt practices and embezzlement of public funds. These are the repercussions of self-indulgent culture and life.

Conclusively, even though Ramadan is a rebirth of yet another opportunity for Muslims every year to live the most desirable life the fruits remain for the entire nation. Importantly, even though Ramadan is the season to bring back a sense of togetherness, sharing of resources, love for one another it is ideal that our actions are informed by the message of Ramadan.