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Free mixing and its impact on society.

In Malawi so too many countries free mixing is the order of the day. In Western countries is even regarded as natural. This was not the case in the past. In the Western countries colleges and most universities were single sex. Old school buildings still have entrances with engravings, ‘Boys Entrance’ or ‘Girls Entrance’. With rapid secularization free mixing has become the norm. What are Islam’s principles on free mixing?

Free mixing creates a fertile breeding ground for all kinds of suspicious, temptations, rumours and even accusations that conflict in families leading to domestic violence and criminal acts. Free mixing and greater familiarity and friendship with the opposite sex unconsciously produce attractions as expressed by an Arabic proverb, “ A look, then a smile, then a meeting and then … sin and even sexual intercourse”.

Modern society has not properly understood the destructive impact of free mixing and the very existence of humanity. It is interesting to note that some people in the West are beginning to recognize the dangers of free mixing and the benefits of segregation and are turning back to the old ways!

This is seen in the mushrooming of women only schools, hospital wards, holiday resorts, workplaces, gyms and swimming pools etc. We would like to see a political will in Malawi that will reduce the level of free mixing. We want Malawi of single sex environment. “In this single sex environment, women are allowed to be women once more and it is more relaxing, safer and better for women” (Sunday Times 22nd April 2007).

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “Whenever a man is sitting alone with an woman, the devil is the third”. From this the scholars have formulated a principle that it is forbidden for a man and a woman to be alone if they are not Mahram. Mahram are all those women that a man cannot marry including; mother, daughter, sister, aunt, niece, foster-mother, mother in law, stepdaughter etc (4: 23).

Historically, the single sex environment was the natural and normal way of life for people all over the world. In Islam it is also a religious duty. In order to help the believers live virtuously and to avoid evil, Islam lays down the principle of ‘denying the means’. Adultery and extra marital relationships are forbidden and to help people from falling into this temptation Islam has closed all those doors that lead to this evil by making it forbidden.

As a nation we have not thought of free mixing as a source of high population. We have only thought of married couples having more children as a source of high population. We should prevent intimate relationships developing outside marriage. This will prevent children being born outside marriage. Free mixing impact the society by letting children born outside marriage. Malawi should take control measures of the trend.