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Mutual unity – Malawi’s sealed success

By Hashim Msusa

The realization of unity in a group of people, a community, a country, so too in religious circles, economy, society upliftment, propels development and progress advancement, since unity and development are synonymous.

The highlight on unity in this article is an idea staunchly chosen, because communities and societies need to follow the pace of development, leading to progress, prosperity and stability. In this regard, as a nation, we ought to adopt sense of unity in all walks of our life.

Precisely, unity that prevails to achieve development is the one that guarantees the rights of individuals and societies and specifies duties and lays down the essential bases. Such bases include encouraging individuals to seek knowledge, working hard and be determined people. Through that will establish societies proud of their country’s achievement.

From an Islamic perspective, unity is a relationship of cohesiveness and cooperation among people. The cooperation is based on the principles of the divine vice-regency vision. This vision highlights the value of man’s rights and dignity, and his position in the universe. Everything in the universe is in use of man’s service. This is so in order to achieve the great objective he was created for, namely the worship.

We talk of unity because of diversity. As a nation we belong to different tribes, religion, cultures and this is our own identity. They are like different flowers in a garden. In this regard we ought to put aside our differences and work together, because we are bonded by one nation.

The aspirant for unity has to realize that diversity in all its aspects is God Almighty’s creation. The owner of creation, Lord Almighty speaks in the Noble Qur’an, “ O Mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous. (49:13)

Taking into account people’s differences and diversity, the success of unity must be based on a consistent, specific basis; that will boost acquaintance, cooperation, and awareness of the rights and performance of duties. Clearly, unity is the real guarantee for coexistence and harmonization.

The feeling of unity is crucial to lead the nation towards its progress and prosperity. It helps strengthen the nation. Where people are united, they can put efforts in elimination of vices like corruption. Not only that, unity gives people sense of security.

Unity is primal to Islam and so it should be to Malawi as a nation. Success of any nation, so too Malawi, is concealed in the mutual unity between its members. However, remember, that unity should always be in righteousness.