As the month of Ramadhaan approaches some people habitually creates excuses in order not to fast. What are the reasons for which one may be excused from? fasting in Ramadhaan?


The legitimate reasons for which one may be excused from fasting are as follows: (1) Sickness, that means a person is not healthy. (2) Travelling. In order for travelling to result in a concession excusing one from fasting, the following conditions must be met: (a) The journey must be long enough that prayers may be shortened, (b) The traveler must not intend to settle in the place to which he travels. (c) His journey must not be for any sinful purpose, rather it should be for a sound purpose. This concession of travelling is cancelled by two things: When the traveler returns home. When the traveler decides to stay indefinitely, or for a lengthy period in one place and the place is fit for settling in. (3) Pregnancy and breastfeeding. (4) Senility and old age. (5) Compulsion, which means one person forcing another to do something or not to do something against his will, by means of threats.