Islamic weights and measures and modern equivalents. What are the equivalents of the Mudd, Saa‘, Bareed, Dhiraa‘, Farsakh, and Qullah in modern terms?


Their nearest equivalent are as follow: The Mudd is equivalent to 544 grams. Equivalent of the Saa‘ is 2600 grams. Equivalent of a single Qullah in grams is 250 x 408 = 102,000 grams, or 102 kilograms. Equivalent of Dhiraa is 61.2 centimeters. The Meel [mile] is 4,000 Dhiraa‘s [cubits], i.e., 1,848 meters. The Farsakh [parasang] is 3 Meels, or 5,544 metres, or 12,000 Khutwah [steps]. The Arabian Bareed is equal to 4 Farsakhs, or 22,176 metres, or 22.176 kilometres.