Progress is always blocked as a result of envy among people. This cannot be overemphasized. What is Islam’s advice regarding this conduct?


Islam calls upon people to have good relations with one another and to avoid doing harm. Every committed Muslim and Muslimah should avoid having ill feeling. The road is paved before everyone to excel in goodness as long as no harm is done to others. Dealing with this disease starts by eliminating its causes, which are as follows: (1) Enmity (2) Ambition (it hurts a person to see someone else ahead or above him/her) (3) Pride (4) Arrogance. (5) Astonishment. (6) Fear (7) Desire for power and prestige. Normally envy occurs among people who know each other. It happens among siblings, among family members, people of the same profession and age. A Muslim must always keep in mind that jealousy is forbidden.