We constantly become either guest or host and based on clear Hadiths, we know the rights of the guest but will you please enlighten us the rights of the host/ hostess?


The rights of a host on his guest are that he thanks him for his hospitality, for Allah Ta’ala does not appreciate those who do not appreciate people. It is also the host’s right that his guest guards his privacy in whatever he has come to learn through their interaction. Whatever he has seen that is good, he should make it known, and whatever he has seen that is bad, he should keep it secret and hidden. Likewise, it is the host’s right upon his guest that he protects the sanctity of his home, so he must not betray him in his house with his eyes. He must not overstay at his home, making a burden of himself by staying longer than the length prescribed by Shariah for a guest to stay, which is three days.