What strategies can Islam employ to combat poverty effectively?


Poverty is a divine decree from Allah Ta’ala and its impact on people’s beliefs and behavior is detrimental. Islam offers the following guidance for alleviating poverty: (1) Instilling the belief that provisions come from Allah and that every decree serves a purpose. Patience in facing hardships is encouraged while actively striving to improve our own and our families’ economic situations. (2) Seeking refuge in Allah from poverty, as recommended in the Sunnah. (3) Emphasizing the importance of work and earning a livelihood, encouraging individuals to engage in productive activities. (4) Obligatory payment of Zakaah by the wealthy, providing a means to redistribute wealth and support those in need. (5) Encouraging acts of charity, establishing Waqfs (endowments), and sponsoring orphans and widows. (6) Prohibiting practices such as usury (Riba), gambling, and deceptive selling, which contribute to economic instability and exploitation. (7) Promoting a culture of compassion and assistance towards the less fortunate, encouraging individuals to lend a helping hand to those in need. Both poverty and affluence are part of Allah’s decree.