Worry, anxiety, and sadness are prisons for humans. It does not exclude Muslims going through it. What does Islam say about depression and anxiety?


Our energy, hope, and motivation are sapped by depression, making it harder to do what we need to feel well. While there is no quick treatment for depression, it is not impossible to conquer. Even though our depression is severe and stubbornly persistent, we can still have some control by having faith (Imaan), trust, and confidence in Allah Ta’ala and trusting that things will get better. In the Noble Qur’an, Allah Ta’ala says, We shall test you with a certain measure of fear and hunger, as well as the loss of riches, life, and fruits. But bring good news to the faithful. (2:155) As Muslims, we are fortunate in that we may transform any worry, fear, and concern into a supplication and see it as yet another reason to submit to Allah and talk to Him.