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Promoting Inclusiveness For Nation Building

There is no language more progressive than when individual identities are valued and marginalisation be it religious, political, cultural having no space in the anticipation of building one nation. What does Islam say as regards to living together?

Individual identities are the pillars of pride for a nation. As a country, we should desist, imperialism culture type of living, which believes in “you are either with us or against us.” without embracing the spirit of compromise, togetherness, and compassion as one people one nation.

Discover Islam applaud school institutions which allow Muslim girls to put on Hijab accepting their religious identity and embracing inclusivity. Valuing diversity is a source of strength for a nation. It may not be good for the country to leave others behind and marginalize them on the basis of religion.

Malawi is multi-religious. Each is a representation of own values, beliefs that cannot be taken away. As any monetary coin wear two sides, the spirit of inclusiveness, tolerance, compassion should be given positive consideration. An attempt to alienate others is a recipe of retrogression.

As a nation we should adopt culture of togetherness, compassion and inclusiveness. Religious bodies are the spiritual portfolios for the promotion of togetherness and compassion in a nation building.

We pray for God’s mercy to make inhabitants of Malawi live as one people despite varying backgrounds. God Almighty speaks to human beings, “And if your Lord (God Almighty) has so willed, He could surely have made mankind into one nation, but they will not cease to disagree, except him on whom your Lord (God Almighty) has bestowed His Mercy.” (11:118-119)

With well-established background and perhaps foresightedness, some religious bodies possess infrastructure in spearheading education, health services and more. We hold the notion that such possession cannot be used for profanity. The long history of coexistence, valuing diversity should be the central mark when giving out services to the people of Malawi.

As a country, compassion should reign in giving service. For example service in providing education. We are one first as Malawians despite varying religious and political inclination. Possession therefore should not divide the nation. For a nation to develop is a collection of many things, one of them is valuing presence of diversity