How is trust (Amaanah) defined in Islam, particularly within the framework of Shariah?


Trust (Amaanah) encompasses two distinct meanings, a general one and a specific one. The general meaning relates to all the commands and prohibitions within the realm of Islam. As for the specific meaning of Amaanah, there are three well-known scenarios associated with it. Firstly, it includes financial obligations that arise from contracts and agreements, such as the safekeeping of belongings, loans, employment, and rentals. It also encompasses situations where no formal agreement exists, such as finding lost items or picking up belongings left behind by others. Secondly, Amaanah entails maintaining the confidentiality of people’s secrets, regardless of whether one holds a social, public, or private position of responsibility. Lastly, it emphasizes fulfilling positions of trust and responsibility with integrity and fairness, ensuring that truth and justice form the basis of one’s actions.