Scholars emphasize repeatedly the value of making a lot of supplications. So what is the significance of Dua and what are its benefits and values?


Dua is the spiritual weapon of a believer. It is the most special and nearest worship in the sight of Allah. By Dua a Muslim seeks victory from Allah, as Dua provides a Muslim with factors of true faith and links his heart with his Creator. It imbues his heart with hope and conviction in Allah’s Power and Might. Dua is an integral part of a Muslim’s life, especially when he is faced with situations, which seem to overwhelm and trap him. Some people may argue that Dua has nothing to do with man’s fate, as it can’t protect him from his predestined misfortunes. But this is not true, because Dua itself is part of man’s fate; Dua is predestined as a means of deterring misfortunes and uplifting tribulation.